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Decades of dedicated service bonded as a Family

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GN & Co

Chartered Accountants

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GN & Co

Chartered Accountants

Excellence our Goal, Efficiency our Motto, Ethical our Practise

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Who we are

Ours is a Chartered Accountant firm based in Chennai and Cuddalore. The Firm has a rich Legacy of Traditional Practice extending over 8 decades and the origin as such can be traced to the Founder G.Natesa Iyer (GDA) who started practice in early 1930’s. The present partners are 4th Generation and 3rd Generation Chartered Accountants coming from the same chain of family.

GN & Co, with its dynamic team of around 25 plus team members provide a wide range of services to their clients with professional expertise, knowledge, commitment and quality. The disciplined workforce is imbibed with the motto - "Plan the Work and Work the Plan".

We believe in a high-quality Practice and strive to be the best in class. We provide effective, timely, innovative and suitable services to all our clients. Our Deliverables are tinged with rich experience and Legal Acumen.

What we believe

Our firm's belief has been strongly captured in the vision, values and Motto below.

  • (i) To be a stepping stone in our client’s business journey
  • (ii) Pave the way for Client’s growth and success
  • (iii) Strive to be Financial Advisor par Excellence
  • (i) Integrity and honesty
  • (ii) Ethical Practise
  • (iii) Cordial Work atmosphere with mutual respect
  • (iv) Strong Belief that 'Growth of Clients" = 'Growth of firm"
  • 'Quality has no competition and Sincerity has no substitute'

What services we provide

GN & Co offers a wide range of services to diverse clients constituting Private Limited companies, LLP’s, trusts, Firms, proprietors involved in different sectors including manufacturing, trading, Export and services. Commitment to work and quality of service are our strength. Services provided for core areas including Accounting, Finance, Working capital, Internal Controls, Costing & Tax/ Legal compliances.

Audit and Assurance

Initial phase of audit engagements begins with understanding of business of client. Audit Procedure ensures compliance requirements of various statutes apart from value addition in various facets of the client’s business.
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Firm’s core strength lies in its Tax Practice. Complete array of services are provided under direct taxes and indirect taxes which inter alia includes Tax Return filing, structuring, Representation before Authorities,
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Banking & Finance

External finance forms the fulcrum of business entity for take-off and smooth functioning of business. With that in mind, we offer the best of support to the entrepreneurs in their fund raising process,
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Consulting and Business Advisory

Frequent interactions with clients enables better understanding of their needs, thereby paving way for consultation beyond the realms of tax and legal Compliances.
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